My sessions vary wildly depending on the other person, mood and my own intuition. My expertise lies in creating slow-burning and passionate sessions, an intimate and truly bespoke encounter. I am intensely affectionate and flirtatious. Sensuality is the driving force. Kissing, cuddling, being a smart aleck in healthy doses, are among my very favorite things. 

In the very beginning of coming into my sexuality, I identified mostly as softly submissive. As I've grown older, I've realized that I have a dominant shadow side that loves to play.

I'm no stranger to raw, hedonistic encounters and I firmly believe in the healing, transformative and nurturing aspects of intimacy. Let's unpack any shame surrounding our bodies and our selves and instead be open and vulnerable with each other. 

Still curious? If you would like an idea of what a session with me could be like, please read here.

I'm absolutely fetish friendly. However, being fetish friendly does not mean I will engage in any activities that I find abusive or dangerous. As always, I play S-S-C, safe, sane and consensual. No unconscious kink. Safe practices only. 



Bliss (24 hrs) 2500

The Night (14)  1600

Lovers (4 hrs) 850

Rendezvous (3 hrs) 650

Our Secret (2 hrs) 450

Liason (1 hour) sessions are only available to regular clients.

If we spend more than three hours together, our date must include one (short) social outing, while overnight bookings must also leave room for a fair share of uninterrupted beauty sleep. :>