A little taste of what could be...

"What can I say about Phaedra that would properly convey my experience with her? Delicious. Yes that is the word that I would use. Intellectually and sensually delicious. After finding her website, I was immediately intrigued by the art-house inspired photos showing this tantalizing raven-haired pixie with a perfect ass. Every ounce of me was driven to contact her. She is the best kind of Trouble with a capital T and like others have noted, I am almost half resisted writing a review just so I could imagine keeping her to myself but that would spoil the gift that she has to offer. Gentlemen - treat yourselves. Say yes to her.

Her website lets you know up front what you are in for: "Welcome Lover".

I was finishing dinner at the hotel restaurant when she arrived. Berlin can be ludicrously cold during the winter and she walked in wearing all-black that perfectly suited her dark hair. As soon as I saw her, I knew that I had made the right decision. She sat down and we immediately began to flirt. I personally love flirting, teasing the attraction and chemistry that can exist between two people, so we went next door to the hotel bar for cocktails rather than subject the other patrons to our charms.

We were the only two at the bar and proceeded to talk about life, art, politics - she is whipsmart, engaging and fun to talk with. Realizing temptation and curiosity was getting the best of me, I invited her upstairs to my room."

- E.S. (TER, Dec 2017)

"Phaedra can be mysterious or pure sweetness. [...] The photos on her website are accurate and present some of her playfulness. She is an all-natural marvel. We corresponded by email and she gave me a good tip on a fine hotel. Her taste is excellent and the hotel was all class and perfectly located. We arranged a meeting my first day in Berlin, after flying in from London. What followed was pure bliss. Highly recommended."

- R. (TER, May 2017)

"When Phaedra walked in the lobby, I was positively surprised, not only because of her looks and the way she was dressed, but also because of her grace, the way she walked, her style. Great conversational skills, vivid, creative and teasing. And as cool as she was during dinner, once in the room, this urban-style girl became my hungry girlfriend longing for more and more."

-  B. (June 2017)

"Mein Date mit Phaedra war in jeder Hinsicht ein Erlebnis und eine Erfahrung, die nach Wiederholung geradezu schreit. Phaedra ist eine wunderbare Lady, mit sehr guter Bildung, die sich mit Sicherheit auf jedem Parkett  zu bewegen weiß.  Die tiefsinnigen und erfrischenden Gespräche mit ihr lassen einem fast den Sex vergessen. Phaedra ist anschmiegsam, unendlich zärtlich und trotzdem fordernd."

- C. (MC-Escort, May 2017)

"[...]I welcome her, she smiles...with those gorgeous white teeth and that glint in her eyes that was promising - this is gonna be a fun night - better than you expected! [...]

My first dates with a new girl resemble an interrogation to start,...but with Phaedra those first 15 minutes turned into a French film... with multiple seating changes, champagne from the mini bar fueling deep discussions of philosophy and art, conservative values and sexual identity and polyamory....Where the hell was I? How did I get into this hotel room, with this amazing woman....and why would I ever want to leave? [...] This girl was like one of those hippies that Don Draper meets in Mad Men that took him into a whole new world of what the young people are doing and how they are living[...]"

- P. (May 2016)